Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The cheerleaders!!!!
Go Tigers!!!!!
I love this face!!!!!
The Golie!!!!!!
So our Saturdays are filled with cheer leading and soccer!!!!! It is crazy... the girls are at one park and the boys are at another, but somehow we seem to make it all happen! Partly thanks to lots of help from Uncle Chet and the boys!!!! I love it!!! I love seeing them get into their "thing" I love and hate being the goalies mom! One set of parents are yelling for him to "save" and the other set are secretly hoping he "lets one up" I want to yell at them all and say "that's my boy.. leave him alone" The girls are sassy and sweet! They yell out their cheers and shake their little "things" as hard as they can! They and all of the other girls giggle and compare ponytails, all at the same time they are actually trying really hard and improving by the week! We finally get home around noon if we are lucky and then it's lots of rest time! They chill out, we watch football, they run around the neighborhood w/ the other kids! There is something about this awesome weather in Florida on October, the "ping" of an aluminum bat and the sounds of of kids yelling and screaming that makes you smile! A really good Saturday would be the sound of the washer, dryer, and the dishwasher all going at once! Man... I love the weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

14 years ago today!

I married him 14 years ago today! I feel weired even writing about it, bit it never fails, I keep remembering every moment! I remember waking up being soooo excited! I remember spending the morning w/ my bridesmaids getting our hair done and drinking mimosas! I remember getting ready at my parents house, and all of the picture taking and excitement swirling around! I remember the look on my daddy's face when I came out into the living room! I remember going to the church in the limo and all the cars honking and waving! I remember standing in the back... could not walk down that isle fast enough! Ohhhh the fun of that day! It felt like I was floating! I looked back at these pictures, and gasped! Not by how young we were, but by how far we have come! To see all of our family members that are no longer here, my dad, Grandma Mitrani, grandma and grandpa Lucarelli, Uncle Phil and the rest! Man life just keeps on going! Here we are 14 years later, 3 of the most AWESOME kids in the world, and ya know what? We actually still like each other! I still get excited when I haven't seen him in a while! He is the worlds greatest dad! He is my man! Happy Anniversary baby!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

more wine

So here is the "thing" when I married my man.. I married his Family! Not a bad move I must say! It is so fun being part of such a loving, in your face, LOVE their culture and their heritage type family! One perk... once a year they make wine. yes that's right their very own! They don't buy it from the store, they buy the grapes, have them imported in and make enough for the whole year! Downside( could there be one) strong stuff! no preservatives, no sulfates, just 100% YUM!!!!! The fun part is this is their tradition! They all gather kids included, and they all have a part! from unloading the truck, to breaking down boxes, to dumping the grapes and so on! the process today involved putting the grapes thru a machine that separates the stems from the grapes and outs them in these 50 gallon containers. Then in 40 days they will get together again and they will put them thru the "press" then they have wine! The longer it sits the better! I love that my kids get excited for this day! The minute they know it is in the plan, they wanna know... "is the truck here yet?" "is it time?" They go over like it is all part of the weekend like this is what every family does on a Sat. afternoon! The day is followed by a huge meal, this time Linguine w/ clams and of course, lots of wine! I love him... I love his family... I love the wine! "CHEERS" or "SALUTE"

making wine

kepp going more pics to follow!