Sunday, June 20, 2010

FINALLY!! a little catching up!!!

took "this crazy life" to a whole new level in the last few months, but I am back, and I am bloggin. since my last post lots of crap, but lots of good as well. worked ALOT, volunteered ALOT, and spent alot of time just thinking, and what I find most amazing about this CRAZY life is it is all growth. It is so true that whole phrase "if he leads you to it, he will lead you through it" Feeling very grounded in my friendships, and juggling the whole working mom/ PTO president/ church / baseball mama/ girl scout mama/ business owner/ wife, and ya know what.. it's all good! my boy just finished elementary school and I am so excited watching him grow and mature into the great kid that he is. My girls are growing, and learning, and just soaking in all the little girl things that come w/ their age. So blessed watching there bond, watching the way they care about their dad and I. Seeing how much they understand, and they are not babies anymore. So, with this summer comes a new attitude, a new appreciation, and hopefully alot of sunsets, w/ cold drinks in our hands and sand between our toes. thiscrazylife is MY life, and I am embracing it! Learning, growing, and feeling truly blessed.