Monday, September 29, 2008

So... she started piano lessons! She is so excited and so are we. Her teacher is Mrs. Trina and she is so kind and soft spoken and lovely! Just what our little Abby needs! She comes in and can not wait to practice! On Sunday nights she asks " is tomorrow piano mommy?" I love that she has an itch to be creative, I love that she is so sweet and really wants this! I love to here her counting and playing while I cook dinner! Please let this be her "thing", cuz she needs a"thing"!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

more Golf Tourny Pics

For Evan Forever

What a day!!!!!! I was honored to be a part of something amazing today!!!! Today I got to volunteer in a golf tournament! I have to admit that I have never even played golf before, so I was completely impressed!!! My friend Lauren and her husband Chris do this in memory of their son Evan every year! If you could scoop up all of the love and compassion that these people have for them and what they have been thru and wrap it up, you would never find a box big enough to fit it all in! I was amazed at all of the people that came out to be a part of this! The best part was reconnecting with old friends that I have been out of touch with for far too long!!!! After a fun morning of making sure all the players had there beverages, we headed in to the club house for an awesome lunch and ceremony to recognize all of the people involved! The best moment came when Lauren and Chris let us all in on the secret... they are having a little boy!!!! Tears, sighs, chills and lots of love and prayers all wrapped up into a big smile for them as I write this!!! They will be wonderful parants again and Jocelyn will make the CUTEST big (little) sister ever!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Sista

So, I have these two friends, that I have always celebrated my birthday with, Jen and Angie! So let the celebrating begin!!!!!! Tonight was just for Angie! She is the "old Lady" of us all! I love having our own restaurant for this reason! We can have a private party whenever we want! Yep... there is always a V.I.P. pass at "Lucarelli's!" This is one of the friends that you don't have to talk to everyday, and still feel in touch when you finally do get to catch up! This is one of the friends I shared my pregnancy with and birth and nursing and feeding schedules, and nap schedules and even a couple of birthday party's with! I mean literally our kids were born in the same week! I don't know what I would have done without her in those early days of motherhood when I didn't know what the hell I was doing!! Sarah, Heather, and my Jenny... Thank you for this wonderful night for our friend! Angie happy Birthday... may your every wish come true!!!