Monday, February 23, 2009


Opening Day Baseball

Sunday was a great day!!!!! We had opening day for baseball. I am just saying, but I think this kid is awesome!!!! There were team pictures, and tug of war, and a home run derby, a dunk booth for the coaches, hot dogs, hamburgers and so on! The buzz was fun and the weather was perfect! Sunny and breezy and it just felt like the day was made for baseball! Jackson looked so cute and all of the boys had a great time! We got to see old friends that we haven't seen in a while, and hang out with friends that are like family! This kid is great and is always willing to try out new things and give it his best! Lots of fun, looking forward to the season, and all of the fun that goes with that!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My girlfriends are the BEST in the world. I have had a really yucky month, things have just been blah, and I am trying to keep my chin up, and smile because I really do have lots of other things that I am thankful for. My job stinks right now, our economy is in the toilet, this is not easy for a family that has put all of eggs in the construction/ restaurant business basket, but I know things are gonna be o.k.! So I have these awesome girlfriends, and they lift me up, and they put it in perspective, and they help me laugh at myself. It could be pizza together on a Friday night with the Chaney's, or my regular weekly breakfast with Lena, or a phone call from Char, or all of my pep talks with Amy! ( I could go on and on, like little random messages on Face book from friends all of the time, friends who are just... there, right when I need them) Somehow we all just get each other, We are wives, mothers, teachers, taxi cab drivers, PTA promoters, volunteers for our church and our community, but most of all friends! Friends who just get it. Friends who don't judge, friends who can see the good through all of the yuck! I turn to music a lot when I am going though something and I SWEAR that the Zac Bron Band knows me. They write songs just for me! They take all of the words out of my head and sing them in a song just for me! This song is getting me through! This song comes on and I can NOT sit still, no matter what my mood I have to sing and dance! So for now I choose to see the positive in all of the yuck, for now I thank God for blessing me with amazing friends, and this song... just for me!!!!!