Tuesday, March 15, 2011

baseball, slippers and such

We are in the full swing of season round here. Blessed with a very busy restaurant, me with my AWESOME new FULL TIME job, kids in 3 different directions, and trying to learn to balance it all. this brings me to baseball... he plays 2 games a week (sometimes 3) 2 practices a week, and would prefer the batting cages or to hang at the field with his baseball homies than anything to do with myself and his sisters. We secretly LOVE it! (ha!!! take that you little 11 year old punk) We load up on jackets, and LOTS of change/ dollars for the concession stand, and head out! I love the weather this time of year, I love even more the chance to sit and watch my boy learn the game. He is making a whole new group of buddies, learning not just about hitting the ball and running, but learning about the correct steal, slide and the perfect bunt. He stuffs his mouth with sunflower seeds, has the perfect stance, and most important .... he is literally having a ball!!!! The girls love the little posse of friends they have at the ball field. They love working in the concession stand, and cutest thing ever is to hear Olivia announcing who is up to bat, and cracking herself up on the loud speaker when she calls out her big brothers name!

My boys take this serious, they have their practice jersey and game jersey meticulously laid out the night before, the best bat, glove and whatever else fits in that VERY expensive ball bag. I do want to make 1 HUGE disclosure on this blog and feel free to comment. I will wash the uniform 4 times a week, scrub the pants to get them white as white, travel to whatever field, fund the snacks, pack the water bottles etc. and damn near kill myself hooten and hollerin for him to RUNNNNN!!!!!!!! SLIDE!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOO!!!! GOOOOOOO!!!, but I wil not .... I repeat WILL NOT remove his cup from his jock strap, just sayin! This is a task he can do, I go to load the laundrey and yup, there it is .... no way buddy, nadda, not doin it.

Hey . . . and by the way, who says you can't wear uggs in Naples? I am rockin out the slippers, it is cold out there baby!!!!