Thursday, January 29, 2009

finding peace

this is the beach on a weekday morning... not a sole in sight

my favorite running shoe is always Adidas!!!!
no words necessary

the view I get to look at every night
my front yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

again.... view from my front porch!!!!!!!!!!
Well while I feel terrible for my family and friends in Missouri and Arkansas and Tennessee I feel blessed to live where I live!!!!! I love this time of year in Florida!!! My new thing is to run on the beach! I feel like I live here and I don't take advantage of this beach in my back yard!!!! I love it, the sand, the water, the shells. the birds, all of it! This economy is yucky and lots of stuff is weighing heavy on me... but I am trying to keep it simple, trying to focus on the positive! Things like my kids--- they rock and as hard as it is to raise them everyday, I know that I have great kids! I love my husband, he is a good man and even when we are off, I know that we still love each other deeply. I love that we both are risk takers and not afraid to try, and we both feel like as long as we are in it together we will be o.k. I love my friends, seriously... love them. They make me laugh and if I don't talk to them almost daily I miss them!!! I am trying to embrace the yuckies, to slow down, to find joy in the simple things! I want to sit still and live more in the moment! I want to ski so bad and I know that it is not gonna happen this year, so I pretend plan what an amazing trip we will have next year! I am thankful for a job, and a paycheck, and a boss who is cool, I am thankful for Jack's paycheck and I admire his work ethic. I love that one of my best friends is my little girls teacher, and the comfort and joy that come with that! I love that she is the teacher at school, but still my friend at home! I love my house and even though we are stuffed in here w/ no more room this is the home i brought my babies home from the hospital, this is the home that Jack and I built together--- literally! Well that is it for now-- just random chatter but I needed to say it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, I guess while the rest of the nation is experiencing bitter cold temps and lots of snow and ice.... I give you these! These pictures were taken over the holidays by my cousin Cheryl who was visiting from New Jersey! I had to post them, because even though I have lived here for all of these years, I still find it hard to believe that we can do things like this in January!!!! Don't get me wrong, tonight will dip down in the high 30's, (and I will probably turn on the heat for the 1st time this year) but we will warm up again just in time for another amazing weekend! Jackson truly loves being a part of this big awesome Italian family, but this little guy is one of his FAVORITE cousins ever! This is his cuz, Louie and his sister Kayla (along w/ Brendan and Brianna) they were visiting, and literally took him along on their vacation with them! Jackson barely ran in to change clothes and brush his teeth before he was begging to go back and hang w/ them! He got along great with his cousins, and they kept him completely entertained! We miss them already and can't wait to see them this summer when we go visit! We are even planning a trip to see the Statue of Liberty w/ them!!!! I know... I can't wait! We are blessed by lots of family both near and far away, and I know these guys will be close for a lifetime... just like their dads!!!!! Thanks Louie and Cheryl and Kayla and Louie for making some great memories for our boy!!! We miss you and can't wait for this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

a peek........

The flower girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the mom and maid of honor figuring out the bustle

" Superstar Steph"

The sister of the bride!

So I purposely did not include the faces. I have to leave some suspense! But here is a small peek into a HUGE event! Oh yeah, I could talk about the new year and all it has to hold, and resolutions (cuz I got a few) and all of the things I need to say about this year! But for now, a peek into a ... wedding! My niece is getting married in July and we couldn't be more thrilled! She is marrying a super cool dude and he already feels like part of our family! The cutest part... the flower girl! Yup, she picked sweet little Olivia to be her girl! Olivia is so excited and can't wait to wear her dress, and get her hair done! She keeps talking about "the bridesmaids" like they are her friends! She loved hanging out with them for the day and we all went to watch Holly try on THE DRESS!!!!! all I can say is... GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I have to admit a tiny little tear came to my eye as I watched her twirl and giggle and look soo beautiful and grown up in her gown. After all, this is the same little girl who was a tiny 8 year old bridesmaid in my wedding! So for now I leave everyone w/ this... one of the biggest, most wonderful things we are looking forward to for 2009!!!!!!!