Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas and such!

so I am trudging along! Trying to get into the Christmas spirit w/ record highs in the 80's!!!! I love living in Florida, love the only life my kids know, but... I long for slightly cooler weather! In the meantime, we always go downtown to see the Christmas lights Thanksgiving weekend(yes, these are a month late... whatever) a few shots of us attempting our Christmas in a tropical paradise! We look forward to our annual tradition of decorating our car and pull trailer(from Jack's construction work) and joining other families at our dear friends house tomorrow night for caroling, jingle juice, and yummy treats tomorrow night! Victoria Park is the "hood" to hang in for the most AMAZING lights ever! Not to mention, the parade of cars that cruise through doing the same thing we are! Stay tuned! My early 2110 resolution is to update more often! Merry Christmas!!!!!!