Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catching up!!!!!!!!

So much to write about! I promise there will much to do about Abby's first communion, and class field trips and piano recital and much more... but lat night was about catching up! Let me introduce you to Lisa, Lauren, Dina & and Andrea! I met these girls in high school, 15 years old, nothing to stop us! 20 something years later, here we are! Dina has moved away to Tennessee, we have 11 kids between us, we have supported each other through births, deaths, marriage and divorce... but last night we were 15 again! Only the conversation is a bit more mature(not really) hahahaha! We remembered old times, talked about our babies, and laughed! I mean REALLY laughed HARD! With tears rolling down cheeks, and a few head turns from others in the restaurant, we were the same! I think we all have only gotten better w/ age, and yes, now we meet for sushi, instead of the mall food court, and we talk about when we had our babies, and how they are growing up, and at one point I started cracking up, because for just a second there we were all grown up! You need times like these! Time for each other, time to reconnect, time to realize that when we finally get some "time" all we want to do is have fun! Cuz we don't know when we are going to get to do it again, we don't know how much more busy we will be next time! All of this means "yep, we have grown up" but last night felt good to just be the same old friends... Catching up!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

First of all let me put out a disclaimer! These pictures were taken by my amazingly talented friend Kelle Hampton, and I am sure there is some rule about taking pictures from someone elses blog and putting them on your own... but I couldn't contain myself!!!!!!!! My sweet little Abby is receiving First Holy Communion next weekend, and Kelle is doing the pictures for the entire church!!!! So we got to have a little fun w/ Abby early so she will have some displays for the ceremony! She did all of this at her home, in her yard and even w/ a baby on her hip at times!(sweet Lainy Love) So here goes... I have been thinking about this day fir a long time! I think being Catholic is wonderful and we are a family rooted in our Faith. Trying to raise my children Catholic is sometimes hard, and by that I mean I just want them to understand it and truly embrace it! I want them to find all of the customs and traditions as sacred as we do! Starting with her 1st communion! We have been practicing how to receive communion, and what it means an what a sacred blessing it is to come into communion with your church! She has gone to her first Confession and she is truly excited to be doing this! So with all that thinking I am gonna let you in on the personal side, this is a little hard but here goes! My dad passed almost 8 years ago (Abby is 8) and I often wish he could see them growing up. My mom and dad were married for 35 years and I feel blessed by my childhood and all of that! So my mom has re-married and is very happy, she gave me her wedding gown that she wore when she married my dad and it has been in the closet, I have kind of thought this would be the answer to Abby's 1st communion dress. So the time came and I pulled it out, and it had that smell, the smell of my Mom-Mom's house(my grandmother) and I got out the wedding picture of my parents and I looked at the beautiful dress! This dress that my Mom-Mom made with her sweet hands! I looked at the pearls and the fabric is amazing... but my favorite part of the dress is the buttons on the pack. Satin buttons, lots of them all the way down the back, and so my mission began. Called Jack's Aunt Sandy who was a seamstress in New York and has made all of the other nieces dresses and I asked her! Well "yes" was the answer and here is the final product! Along with the veil that Jack's mom went and got for her, also a rosarie and a prayer book, and sweet little white gloves. I took her for her shoes, she had one request... high heels! we found them and before we could by them she had to go walk around on the tile in the shoe store to make sure the"clopped"!!!!!!! So Kelle's pictures today, she wore here cross that she was baptized in that her god-parents (Uncle Dom and Aunt Ria) got for her, and the new earrings with little diamond and pearls that Daddy and Mommmy got her! My friend Jacy came and did her hair and she was just basking in all of the fuss and fun! We got to Kelle's and I had to stop the lump in my throat when it all came together! Then she posts these pictures on her blog and I finally cried! The sweetness and innocence was captured perfectly and I could not be happier! to check out all of Kelle's amazing pictures go to
Book her now, because she is on the rise and I want to get her as much as I can before she is booked out months at a time!!!!!!