Saturday, May 31, 2008

summer has arrived!!!!

Well I can't beleive I am doing this but I have been inspired by reading other friends blogs and I thought this could be theraputic! What a fun way to journal our summer fun and ( not so fun moments) !!!! I too thought it was crazy and now I find myself doing this!! Just another sad attempt for me to show off my gorgeous family that I love with everybeat of my heart!!

I have this idea that I am going to be that mom that my kids say... "when we were little, my mom always...." and then follow up w/ something amazing!!! So first day out of school, I decide they can each grab a friend to go to the waterpark! So we get up, get on our suits, gob on tons of sunscreen, find everyone a towel, make sure we have $$$ for the day, load up in the car ( I am now sweating) and head off for our fun filled day!! I felt like I was in the scene from National Lampoons Vacation when we pulled up to the empty parking lot and read the sign... "Sorry Folks, Parks closed" UHGGG!!! So plan #2, we will go to the beach!!! Come home, get the beach chairs, buckets, skimboards and all the toys to go to the beach. We now have to stop at the store to buy snacks and drinks to have at the beach ( I am soo tired by now). We arrive at the beach, everyone falls out of the car, grabs their own stuff leaving me with all of the heavy, yet need things, and runs to the edge of the water and jumps in!! The beach was awsome, water was like a lake, and felt great! The gang all actually played together nicely, long enough for me to read two magazines! Yep, that's right 2!!!!! swam with the kids, then the whining began! "We want to go home" "we are hot" and so on. Loaded up just in time to miss the rain, got home, all jumped in the pool( our version of a bath in the summer) and so the summer has begun! Yep I am tired! I must say, for all of the work, we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful beach town. The sounds of their shrieks and giggles, or the look on their faces when Jackson caught a star fish, them their screams when he chased them w/ it! That is why I luv summer! Maybe, just maybe this will be one of those " when we were little my mom...." moments! and that is my first BLOG!!