Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So... we had 2 days, a free hotel room and lots of energy to get as much done as we could in NYC!!!! We arrived midday, checked into our room in Madison Square Garden, right by Penn Station, so we could easily hop on a subway if needed, and set out! First on foot to the Empire State Building, where we decided to buy our tix, w/ the ride inside! It ended up to be pretty cool, a simulated helicopter tour of the city, and history of the ESB, all narrated by Kevin Bacon! then we shot up to the 86th floor for some amazing views of the city, and then up to the 102nd floor for an even more exhilarating look! The kids loved it while I literally felt sick having them up there! Then we headed downtown to Little Italy, where we shopped on Canal Street, before dinner at Lombardi's, supposedly the 1st ever pizzeria in the U.S. It was magnifico, as was the homemade wine! Then we took it all in, followed by amazing dessert, and Little Italy at night! We hopped on the train and said to hell with it and headed down to Times Square around 10:00 and took in all of the lights and action! Abby said "mommy, it's like a whole nuther city at night" to which I realized she has the city bug in her just like her mama!!!! Headed back to our hotel around midnight and crashed! (did I mention FREE) Next morning was daddy's b-day so it was his pick. He quickly decided on the Museum of American history, followed by a walk thru Central park, and Lunch at Carnegie Deli. Thank God for the walking because we did not need to eat again for a week after that lunch. We went got our car out of parking and drove down to the WTC site, where we actually had to explain the entire place to our kids, because they are too young to remember 9-11. Sobering to say the least. Then it was time to head to Long Island where we had a very excited group of family waiting to start a 5 day party, ending w/ a Family Reunion, that was more like a wedding reception! Oh how I love my husband family. They are all LOVE all the time. So gracious and hospitable, and always rolling out the welcome mats. Making sure we go home at least 10 pounds heavier, and our kids are spoiled rotten! I will post pictures of all of them in my next post, cuz they are so special, they deserve one all to themselves!!!!!


they had a ball walking in the city in the rain

held my camera out over the Empire State Building and feel sick just typing about it!

view from the top of the empire state building

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

our nations Capitol

Well ,been home exactly one week today and am finally facing reality and getting back into my groove! This place was excellent. From the moment we were welcomed to yet another beautiful and spacious retreat to rest our tired feet, to all of the beauty that awaits in our Nations Capitol. The kids loved riding the train in from Virginia to D.C., we walked around and took in the sights before finally embarking on our "duck tour" w/ the famous D.C. Ducks!!!! We toured the National Mall and then cruised down the Potomac for a beautiful and very informative tour of D.C. After this we hopped back on the train and took it to Arlington National Cemetery, where after living out a very familiar scene from National Lampoons Vacation... (think "sorry folks, parks closed") we did get to peak into the reverent beauty of this sacred place. After that headed back to KellyMarie's parents house where we were welcomed w/ hot pizza and good wine, and great laughs and conversation. After the kiddos went to bed, KellyMarie and I got some serious mom time in the hot tub w/ a bottle of really good red wine! We truly are thankful to have had this time w/ the Heslin family and their hospitality was beyond generous! Moving on to NYC tomorrow, my heart just started beating hard thinking about it! I can NOT wait to show you the fun we had there!!!!!!!

Washington D.C.