Monday, June 22, 2009

Worlds Greatest Dad

As I thought I would write this big "ode to daddy" I realized I need to take more pictures of him with all 3 kids together! My children are blessed by this man! He loves them unconditionally, supports them in their choices, coaches their sports teams, reasons with them far better than myself, and most of all he is a great role model for them! He works two jobs, and doesn't complain, comes home and is always willing to jump in the pool, or take a bike ride or play some type of outside sport! The affection he shows them is without a doubt one of my favorite things about this man! Sure sometimes I am annoyed that he is constantly walking around with a girl on each hip, or whatever grand idea Jackson has of the month, there he is finding any piece of equipment that is needed for his latest venture! Sure I think he gives in to easily or babies a little too much, but you see, this is what makes him the greatest dad! Behind every great dad, there is a nagging mama for sure!hahaha! He is always willing to volunteer at their school for whatever is needed, including an every other week cooking lesson w/ Olivia's Kindergarten class! our kids think he hung the moon and all of the stars around the moon! So this one is for daddy! We love you and are soooo lucky to have you!!!!!!