Tuesday, October 20, 2009

36, 15 years.... and it's all still good

well... FINALLY a new post! Life has been crazy busy and then I got so far behind I was intimidated to even try! The kids have started school and are settling in to the routine quite well! Very easy this year because of the whole multi age thing, they are all w/ the same teachers as last year! I am officially working 3-4 days a week in a great office and really enjoying my new place and the people I work with! I feel so blessed to have stayed home for all of these years, but now they are all in school and knowing that makes working so much easier. The economy sucks and Jack and I have been humbled by our uncertain future. The restaraunt is doing well thanks to our AMAZING friends who continually support us and send in everyone they know! In the meantime, I feel numbers are playing BIG this year! I turned 36 in September, which seems all "whatever" but when I think that I met my hubby @ 18 I am reminded that I have spent half of my life with this man! GASP seems so weird! Life is good. I love him, I love the life that we have made, I love the dad that he is, and the wife and mother that he encourages me to be! I also feel like I am embracing a new attitude at 36! I now realize that being surrounded by a a lot of really amazing people is great, the circle of really close friends gets smaller! It is those friendships that humble me when life gets tough, that encourage me when I get tired of dealing w/ everything, and that laugh, just because we know it is good for our aging souls!!! I leave these girls after a weekly breakfast, or a rare night out and I am lifted! I am a better person for being around them. I am comfortable in my mothering, yes, I always strive to do better, but I am OK knowing that my kids are great kids, they know there mom is not all June Cleaver baking cookies while the crock pot is going, and they love me! They think I rock, they enjoy being w/ there dad and I! ( I do ROCK my crock pot at least twice a week) They have a love for their friends and family, and their personalities are really starting to take shape and mold, and I see them becoming these really cool little people. Jackson is playing soccer, and proving himself to be quite a good goalie, while Abby is LOVING volleyball! So great to see her do something that she loves... FINALLY! and Olivia, well she is just content w/ life! I swear she doesn't know what a bad day is! Just a free spirit that finds the journey of life one BIG ASS party! I sit here, and I feel good. I am back. I blogged... now see that wasn't so bad! I will stop myself from going back and changing any of this, because I want to express myself in my truest form, I want to let it all out, cause no matter how shitty life seems, it is still a really great life! thanks to a great husband, cool kids , great family support and REALLY GREAT FRIENDS!!!!!