Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cooking up some Fun

This was so fun! (Thanks Kelly for the pictures) I hope we can do it again and again! This is a great girls night out! You can choose from 1 up to 15 meals, you can have them split if you think it is too much for one order! Each order feeds 4-6 people! I made the chicken pesto penne and had plenty of left overs and that is w/ a family of 5! O.K. so maybe I added a little extra pasta! Thing is they let you bring in apps. and beer and wine, the more wine I drank the more "creative" I got w/ my menues. These girls were great that work there and are always right there to help! The girls that were there cooking are some of the funniest, fun girls! So thanks for such a fun night my friends! I hope to do it again soon! Looks like we are eatin good this week!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Islamorada 08

We are home from the keys!!! I honestly forgot how much I love this place! The minute we go over that bridge and hit US1 my heart rate drops! This is a place that forces you to slow down! It forces you to appreciate the beauty that God creates! We had such an awesome time with Amy and Hyden!!! There is nothing in the world like hangin w/ one of your lifelong friends and her husband, doing nothing but laughing the entire weekend! We soaked up the sun, drank, snorkeled, ate fresh seafood every night on some beach barefoot w/ sand between our tows, listened to the band @ Holiday Isle, drank more, snorkeled, went for rides in the Jeep, ate more, and saw some amazing sunsets!!!

We got home missed the littles so much, but still wanting to be back in the keys I did not feel like I was done w/ my vacation.... and jack asked

  • did we eat too much? check
  • did we drink too much? check
  • did we sleep more than eight hours a night? check

did we relax? check

  • did we come home w/ a little too much sun,(that is just proof of all of the fun) check
yep... that was a good vacation were done!

Friday, June 20, 2008

OOPS!!! one more picture! Soo cool!!!

Exciting Day!!!!

Such excitement!! We were at the beach w/ all of our friends and this is what was flying overhead!!! Yep-- Even if you don't like him you gotta admit teaching my kids that that was "MARINE ONE" and inside was the Pres. of the USA is pretty exciting! So low we could really read it and see it!!! Very loud and very patriotic!! The kids were very impressed! We had fun w/ all of our friends but this made the day a little more fun!!!